ELITE Disrupter Ibraheem (Ibs) Mahmood of DrugDev

Ibraheem (Ibs) Mahmood

President and CEO





Reimagining Clinical Trials

Ibraheem (Ibs) Mahmood went to medical school because he had a desire to make sick people better. Then, halfway through he had a horrible realization—there isn’t a pill for every condition; there are, however, many promising drug candidates on the shelf that don’t get tested in large part because the clinical research process is so complex, timely and cost-prohibitive. Therefore, Ibs decided to pivot his path from studying medicine to one where he could help sponsors, CROs and sites do more trials together—and thereby bring more drugs to market for patients worldwide.

 As the President and CEO of DrugDev, his mission is simple: Make clinical trials faster, smarter and more efficient by using innovative technology, enabling collaboration and driving standards. This in turn will enable drug development companies to do more trials with the same budget. Under his leadership, DrugDev is delivering on that promise. Today, the company (originally founded as a network of global clinical investigators actively seeking new trial opportunities) provides a suite of technology solutions allowing the industry to:

  • Select ideal global investigators and activate sites faster.
  • Optimize clinical operations and improve site engagement using DrugDev’s TrialNetworks platform.
  • Ensure sites are paid accurately and on time with minimal administrative burden.
  • Collaborate by sharing site and investigator data using the SiteCloud platform and the DrugDev Golden Number—the same system used by the Investigator Databank and TransCelerate’s Investigator Registry (launching later this year).
  • Leverage the innovative clinical technology that is being developed in its Innovation Lab incubator.

Such a transformation in clinical research requires not only a shared vision, but also commitment and capital. Ibs secured significant backing for DrugDev from Invesco, and continues to form meaningful relationships with leading pharmaceutical companies eager to enact change—including two major collaborations in the Investigator Databank and TransCelerate.

Ibs believes that by focusing on clinical investigators, improving collaboration through innovative cloud-based solutions, and driving technology standards that optimize efficiency, DrugDev will enable the industry to do more trials together. And that now is the time for sponsors, CROs, sites and vendors to stop talking about it, and do it.


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