Peter Kirk






Crowdsourcing Medical Expertise

In a constantly evolving market such as the healthcare industry, it pays to act fast and aggressively in order to stay one step ahead of everyone else. That is why Peter Kirk’s ability to transition from a “peace time” to “war time” CEO with aggressive targets and remarkable agility has drawn admiration from his colleagues, partners and advisors.

As the CEO of WorldOne, Peter saw the potential of combining his company’s leading panel and research capabilities with SERMO’s innovative social platform. By acquiring the physician social platform, Peter grew the business that he originally founded in 2000—with just five employees in one office. Today, 300 employees manage more than 3,500 projects in 12 global offices. And under his leadership, community membership in SERMO doubled from 20% of U.S. physicians in 2012 to approximately 40% in 2015. Patient cases solved also increased fivefold over the same period.    

The leading reason behind the increase of solved patient cases: SERMOsolves. In an industry with increasing uncertainty due to a profusion of new diseases, medications and changing FDA regulations, doctors often make decisions in siloes. And yet, 73% of U.S. SERMO doctors and 87% of European doctors polled in the G5 stated that at least 20% of their cases fell into a grey area that required feedback from peers. Peter saw SERMO as a channel that could connect isolated doctors and reduce this grey area. Hence, the development of SERMOsolves, a program that allows doctors to post their cases and ask for feedback.

Last year alone, 3,500 challenging patient cases were posted, viewed 700,000 times, and received 50,000 comments. Most posted cases received responses within 1.5 hours and were resolved within a day. The cases saw an average of nearly 200 years of combined medical experience converging around a single patient at no additional cost to the healthcare system.

“While SERMO has already helped evolve the industry, it would not have been possible without Peter’s qualities as a disruptor,” says Osnat Benshoshan, SVP of Marketing and Strategy at SERMO. “He is a medical futurist and change catalyst whose experiences have given him the conviction to drive SERMO’s globalization forward.”


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