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Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is a disabling side effect of metastatic breast cancer treatment. The symptoms of CIPN cause painful sensations in the hands and feet of the person affected, including tingling, burning, numbness, weakness, and the inability to feel hot and cold. It can interfere with a patient’s ability to walk, grasp everyday objects, even dress themselves.

Research shows that many physicians don’t truly understand how debilitating CIPN can be, nor do they realize that CIPN is incurable, so the need to prevent it is extremely important. To increase awareness of these issues, Proximyl Health created this unbranded advertising campaign that brings to life just how excruciating it can be to live with CIPN.

In this razor-sharp campaign, everyday objects such as a car steering wheel are shown as being extremely hazardous and “untouchable.” The headline “CIPN turns everyday tasks into ‘never-y’ day tasks” drives home the point that CIPN negatively affects the day-to-day activities of people suffering from this adverse event.

The campaign, which premiered at the Athenex Oncology booth at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference, put the “CIPN experience” in the hands of hundreds of visitors. Attendees stopped by to check out the campaign and try on an “empathy glove” that simulated what it feels like to have CIPN—including tingling and numbing—providing a memorable experience and accelerating awareness of the burden of CIPN among the target audience.

Agency Team:

Tina Fascetti, Chief Creative Officer
Halen Van Dang, VP, Creative Director
Skyler Bertelson, Art Director
Ann Manousos, Copywriter/Creative Strategist
Jodie Grubb, VP, Brand Strategy Planning
Jennifer Peters, SVP, Business Director/Agency Services
Angelica L. Aguirre, VP, Account Director
Filomena E. Nuñez, Senior Project Manager

Client Team:

Kristin Schriver, Director Customer Marketing
Jennifer Greeby, Head, Marketing and New Product Planning


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