Patients & Purpose

World Without Exploitation

Let’s put this business out of business

A “company” that is not what it seems. This campaign exposes a shocking business model: A business built on coercion, violence, and abuse that has been operating around the country. This campaign has made it its mission to bring it into the light and reveal the disturbing reality, one striking statistic at a time.

The myth that sex work is an empowered choice hides the reality of unrelenting physical and mental harm. The myth hides the fact that this is not a choice for a majority of those who have been sexually trafficked and prostituted. The statistics featured in this campaign bring to light the measurable harm caused by those who buy and drive this operation.

Prostitution may not be a legitimate business, but its impact on those who “work” in this industry are real. Like any other corrupt venture, it is time that sex trafficking suffers the consequences for the lasting damage that it causes. It’s time for this business to be put out of business.

Agency Team:

Dina Peck, Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director
Tom Galati, Associate Partner, Creative Director
Nicole DeFranco, Group Account Supervisor
Britt Kim, Group Project Supervisor
Patrick Lupinski, Vice President, Associate Creative Director, Social
Tracey Eng-Fowler, Vice President, Group Art Supervisor
Kelly Rodgers, Senior Copywriter
David Gonzalez, Senior Art Director
Katie Rubin, Community Manager
Dan Ashman, Senior Art Director

Client Team:

Rachel Foster, Campaign Director
Lauren Hersh, National Director

Production Company: Alice Blue


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