PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Video/TV Campaign Gold Winner Novo Nordisk and CultHealth

Wake Up & RYBELSUS® Launch Campaign (Novo Nordisk, CultHealth)

We are seeing a trend of improving diabetes therapies; however, patients keep getting worse. Novo Nordisk set out to find out why and ended up embodying a champion for type 2 diabetes patients. A trailblazer brand like RYBELSUS could pave the way to a life unbound with limitless possibilities for these individuals.

With a nod to the morning dosing regimen, the CultHealth strategic and creative teams told these individuals it was time to “Wake Up & RYBELSUS,” a challenge to the limitations patients had quietly, often subconsciously, put on themselves. The video campaign they built comes to life in the campaign’s anchor DTC spot, showing people able to see the sights, spend time with family, walk among friends, and, most importantly, follow the sun—a vibrant symbol of each day’s hopeful new beginning. An upbeat version of the song “You Are My Sunshine” propels their optimism and melts away their self-doubts.

Media research shows that the ad is performing strongly on key metrics, with a particularly strong lift in call-to-action—the spot is powerfully motivating patients to talk to their doctors. In 2020, a year characterized by the pandemic and dramatic economic downturns, RYBELSUS sales exceeded forecasts, and the brand is now projected to become the leading GLP-1 RA. The DTC spot launched a successful new start to life with diabetes for many patients, as well as a marketing success that has only just begun to witness what is possible to achieve.


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