PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Video/TV Campaign Silver Winner Harmony Biosciences, Synchrony Healthcare Communications, Blue Visual Effects, and BTK Communications Group

Fostering Meaningful HCP Engagements Through Videos: WAKIX HCP Video Series (Harmony Biosciences, Synchrony Healthcare Communications, Blue Visual Effects, BTK Communications Group)

The continued success of WAKIX (pitolisant) following its launch depended on HCPs’ understanding of the mechanism of action and access to efficacy and safety data. To reach HCPs who consume information differently, Harmony Biosciences developed a suite of videos.

The videos built upon the clean, effective visuals used throughout the rest of the branded campaign and brought them to life through motion graphics animation or peer-to-peer engagement. Two of the videos in the series feature experts in the field who were critical to delivering clinical data to a peer audience. Though taping was interrupted by the global lockdown, within days, Harmony coordinated a virtual video shoot with both clinical expert HCPs.

Their work paid off, as the number of unique HCP video viewers and time watched for each video has grown every month since the video series was launched, creating meaningful HCP engagements.


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