PM360 2020 Innovative Service Digital Amplifier from Kinetic™ from Syneos Health

Digital Amplifier from Kinetic

Syneos Health

Adam Cahill, General Manager, Omnichannel In 2019, Syneos Health tasked a team of its customer relationship management (CRM) specialists, data scientists, behavioral experts, and channel strategists to tackle an opportunity: creating a hyper-efficient way to strengthen the relationships between active sales teams and their called-on physicians through targeted digital messages. The initiative proved prescient when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, further reducing rep access and forcing pharma to re-think sales approaches.

Launched in early 2020, the result is Digital Amplifier, which advances a sales team’s ability to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audiences with greater efficiency. Digital Amplifier is delivered by Kinetic from Syneos Health, an advanced customer engagement capability that deploys advanced targeting, analytics, and the latest technologies (including machine learning).

Digital Amplifier uses omnichannel technology to surround each target physician with specific, customized brand messages that are based on individual CRM activity. Triggers include both sales representative activities (physical and virtual) and that physician’s digital preferences. Brands are kept top of mind by delivering the news about new clinical data, new or expanded indications, and digital support resources with messages tailored and timed to customer interests and needs identified during sales calls. Furthermore, each channel updates as the customer engages with a brand, providing the ultimate personalized customer experience.

For one product that launched during COVID-19, Digital Amplifier allowed the brand to consistently reach 80% of HCPs on the call plan when access was down industry-wide. The program also generated a double-digit lift in total prescriptions written by HCPs who were both called on by the field and received Digital Amplifier compared to those who were only called on by the field.


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