PM360 2020 Innovative Service COVID-19 Tracking Series from InCrowd

COVID-19 Tracking Series


Meghan Oates-Zalesky, Senior Vice President of Marketing

As COVID-19 was causing disruption across the world in the beginning of 2020, life sciences industry leaders were eager to understand the pandemic’s impact on prescribing patterns, patients’ access to care, new modalities of disease management, the embrace or reticence to new technologies, the pharma sales and marketing process, provider business health, and the personal well-being of prescribers and other HCPs.

These inquiries led to the creation of InCrowd’s COVID-19 Tracking Series, a 21-part report series from late January through late October 2020, which will continue through 2021. From January to June, InCrowd conducted six waves of reports on perceptions of frontline-treating physicians as well as additional waves of non-frontline specialists, high-need patients, nurses, and pharmacists. As the pandemic continued, InCrowd’s series expanded to include reports on physicians’ views of their state’s phased reopening business activities; telemedicine and remote patient monitoring technology; and the pandemic’s impact to diabetes patients, vaccine development, and adherence.

In contrast to what one might expect, in March 2020 97% of frontline COVID-19 treating physicians said they wanted to continue participating in market research during this time—and 21% wanted survey results to be leveraged to improve public and government awareness. Additionally, the report series helped pharma, life sciences, and medical device companies react effectively to COVID-19 and continue their vital work in serving the healthcare industry.

Beginning in April 2020, InCrowd also started giving physicians the opportunity to share their stories in one-minute videos. The video series, “Hear the Voice of Frontline Treaters – InCrowd’s COVID-19 Research,”  ended up with more than 60 physicians providing their personal stories on COVID-19 and their unique insight into their challenging and selfless work.


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