PM360 Webinar: How to Stay on the Positive Side of Value Analysis

How to Stay on the Positive Side of Value Analysis

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We will discuss the following:

  • What evidence health systems value analysis leaders are most looking for to drive decision-making, and what claims from vendors that won’t move the needle
  • Hear examples of the most compelling data to value analysis teams and why the total cost of treatment is not always the most important consideration
  • Get insights into what health systems want as part of value-based contracts
  • Learn about the process health systems are setting up internally to evaluate new product options and how it has evolved as a result of the pandemic
  • Uncover how you can create partnerships to generate evidence that results in differentiated product selection

About our Presenter:

Myla Maloney, MBA, BCMAS

Myla Maloney is the Chief Commercial Officer for PINC AI™ Applied Sciences, a division of PINC AITM, the technology and services platform of Premier. With 21 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Maloney supports Premier’s mission of transforming healthcare by leading population health improvement collaboration between PINC AI Applied Sciences and life sciences organizations. Maloney has been with Premier for the last five years and previously served as Premier’s Vice President of Strategic Supplier Engagement, where she partnered with leading biopharmaceutical and IT companies.

Before joining Premier, Maloney was a Market Leader at Merck and held a variety of roles in multiple divisions including sales, customer segment strategy, global commercial learning and account management with large integrated delivery networks and national accounts. Additionally, she was selected to serve as a fellow for the Merck Fellowship for World Health on assignment in Washington, D.C., and Tanzania.

Maloney received her B.S. in business administration and MBA from East Carolina University.

Laura L. Polson, BSN, RN-BC, CVAHP
System Services Director of Clinical Quality Value Analysis
Baptist Healthcare of Kentucky and Southern Indiana

Laura L. Polson, BSN, RN-BC, CVAHP is currently the System Services Director of Clinical Quality Value Analysis for Baptist Healthcare of Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Baptist is the largest healthcare provider in Kentucky with nine hospital systems, six surgical centers and over three hundred offices, urgent care and cancer centers. Laura was the Director of Cardiovascular Services for HCA Healthcare when they had a combined system of 396 hospitals. She is the 2020 Past President of the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP). Laura is a Lean Sigma Green Belt and has an extensive nursing background in multiple specialties including Cardiac Cath, EP, Critical Care, ER, Wound Care, Quality, Risk, and Surgical Services/Open Heart recovery. She has experience working with multiple IDNs, GPOs and Distributors and has been a committee member with the Vizient Nursing Council, and more recently for Surgical Services, Value Analysis and Continuum of Care Councils for Premier.

Steve Thomas, MBA, CMRP
Purchasing Manager for Integrated Health-Delivery Network
Genesis Health System

Steve Thomas oversees the health system’s Value Analysis Teams, which are tasked among other things with annual cost reductions. He is trained in lean health care and health system improvement events, and a Certified Materials & Resource Professional (CMRP) designation from Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) of American Hospital Association since 2013. Steve serves as a committee member on: Premier Inc’s AscenDrive (previously Ascend) Sourcing Committee (previously serving as Chair); Premier’s Value Analysis Advisory Committee (founding member); Premier’s Purchased Services Sourcing Committee (former Chair); Eastern Iowa Community College’s Supply Chain and Logistics Advisory Committee; and was one of three finalists on behalf of Premier Value Advisor Work Group for 2011 Healthcare Supply Chain Innovation Awards presented by AHRMM, and received Premier’s Supply Chain Innovation Award in 2011 on behalf of Genesis Health System.

Thomas received his MBA in business administration from Georgia Southern University.