Webinar Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 1PM EST

Understanding the patient journey — from symptoms, to diagnosis, and treatment — is a standard and essential part of a life science company’s business practice. The information gleaned assists in patient and physician segmentation, forecasting, and building a marketing plan for upcoming and newly launched products, and is often updated annually to see if the journey has changed.

As products are launched into increasingly complex markets, defining the rules to be used when building a journey from secondary data is no easy task and include:

  • Multiple data vendors and consultants
  • Internal alignment
  • Complex business rules and modifications
  • Weeks and months of time and resources especially with numerous modifications

If anything needs to be adjusted once those results are available, additional time and investment are likely needed before new output is available. In the end, after spending considerable resources and waiting weeks for results, there is still a chance that what you receive doesn’t meet your needs or leaves you with additional questions.

In this webinar, Prognos will demonstrate how the patient journey process has evolved with the ability to test business rules in advance of building the complete journey — looking at rolling up products into different baskets, or adjusting look-back or grace periods to see the impact on counts of newly diagnosed/treated patients or persistency. And perhaps most importantly, getting the results of those tests in minutes – or seconds – so that you can immediately assess whether adjustments are needed.


  • Understand the importance of factoring patient-centric granular clinical insights into the patient journey
  • See the benefits of rapid iteration and modification of patient journey parameters for improving opportunities to intervene earlier in the disease cycle
  • With healthcare analytics purpose-built for patient journey, you can focus earlier on brand strategy and tactics
  • Learn how speed to journey doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality and nuance


  • Theresa Greco, Chief Commercial Officer, Prognos Health
  • Melissa Leonhauser, VP, Life Sciences Solutions, Prognos Health
  • Chitra Narasimhachari, Head US Data Science and AI, Innovation, Launch, and Neuroscience at Novartis

About Prognos Health

Prognos is a leading clinically-focused healthcare analytics company with a platform that can query patient-centric data to answer key healthcare questions in minutes not months. The prognosFACTOR™ platform addresses payer, life sciences and provider needs, enabling clients to securely, efficiently and cost effectively analyze billions of lab and health records on more than 325 million de-identified patients. prognosFACTOR is HIPAA compliant and harmonizes and integrates lab data with other healthcare data assets from a trusted and diverse data ecosystem. For more information, visit prognoshealth.com