PM360 Greatest Creators Showcase 2023 Selection EVERSANA INTOUCH




Prostate cancer (PCa) kills more than 30,000 men per year. It’s the second deadliest cancer next to lung cancer for men, often hiding behind inconclusive scans. CLEARLY, something needed to be done. Enter PYLARIFY®, the first 18F-based diagnostic tool that attaches to prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) to help doctors find tumors often before they might be seen by conventional imaging—and therefore treat them more effectively. CLEARLY, a better approach—that nobody knew about. Yet.

This game-changing product needed a game-changing campaign. EVERSANA INTOUCH illuminated the lurking threat of PCa with a high-tech image that highlighted the superior precision of PYLARIFY®. This striking visual was paired with a memorable headline for maximum impact— PYLARIFY®, REVEALS THE CLEARER PICTURE.

CLEARLY, people heard the message: Just four months post-launch, 4,000,000 people discovered PYLARIFY®, and the website was visited 44,000 times. Since June 2021 and through the end of Q3 2022, more than 90,000 scans with PYLARIFY® had been performed, and PYLARIFY® sales exceeded $400 million.1




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