PM360 Greatest Creators Showcase 2023 Selection Elevate Healthcare

Elevate Healthcare

Medexus Pharma, Inc.

See More. Resect More.

High-grade glioma (HGG) is a deadly and insidious brain tumor that is difficult to resect because it infiltrates and intersects with healthy brain tissue that may govern neurological function.

Neurosurgeons can’t know the extent of tumor infiltration until the procedure. To maximize the extent of resection, they must be able to delineate between malignant and healthy tissue.

The Gleolan campaign taps into the neurosurgeon’s logic and emotion all at once. The monster hands evoke the visceral disdain we all feel for cancer, while the headline appeals to their intelligence: See more. Resect more. White light can’t do this. MRI can’t do this. Only Gleolan illuminates the tumors out to their edges in real time during the surgery. With Gleolan, gliomas truly have nowhere to hide.

From market research to field deployment, the “See More. Resect More.” campaign has captured the attention of neurosurgeons treating glioblastoma—leading to more productive brand engagement and action as measured across all marketing channels.


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