PM360 2020 Innovative Strategy Talent Recruitment “Professional Superpower” Quiz from imre Health

Talent Recruitment “Professional Superpower” Quiz

imre Health

Brian Simmons, SVP Marketing & New Business

An innovative startup itself, EQRx is disrupting the industry by re-engineering the process of bringing drugs to market with the goal of offering a market-based solution for the rising cost of medicines. For the company’s launch in January 2020, imre Health was hired as a creative partner to build a website that would inspire investors, media, and most importantly potential employees. That last one was key, since EQRx had a goal to hire 100 new employees this year.

To help them achieve this, imre reimagined the job application process by creating a Myers-Briggs style quiz that challenges interested candidates to find their “Professional Superpower.” The quiz asks candidates to answer three simple questions about themselves that align to EQRx’s culture pillars, including, “How they describe themselves,” “Why they want to work at EQRx,” and “How they hope to impact the world.” Upon completing the quiz, candidates find out their “Professional Superpower,” which is a persona created based on skill-set: The Disruptor, The Warrior, The Champion, and The Dreamer.

These personas have become the backbone of EQRx’s talent branding strategy. They not only help to match potential candidates to the right jobs for them, but they also become part of their employee identity upon joining the team. The personas are featured on employee swag, like backpacks and pins, and within their intranet. imre even used these personas as a way to serve targeted content throughout the site. From pull quotes to news articles and relevant job openings, this became a way to view EQRx through the lens of their individual values.


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