ELITE 2020 Transformational Leader Kristine Flemister of Xcenda

Kristine Flemister



Growing a Leading Market Access Consultancy

Growing up in a family of community pharmacists and eventually becoming a pharmacist herself, Kristine Flemister, PharmD saw firsthand how patient needs could be addressed by a properly launched and supported therapy. But if manufacturers can’t demonstrate the value of their potentially life-saving drugs, those medicines may never reach patients in need. Recognizing the importance of data-driven clinical and health economic differentiators to enable successful market access, Kristine joined Xcenda as a founding member in 1995 and has since become its current President.

Today, she leads more than 650 global associates in their mission to deliver the strategic guidance, actionable market insights, and tactical support services that manufacturers need to clearly prove a therapy’s worth and ensure patient access. Throughout her tenure, she has consistently examined how to not only foster innovation within Xcenda but also drive better healthcare decision-making across the industry.

For example, Kristine played a critical role in Xcenda’s acquisition of Dymaxium and their FormularyDecisions subscription platform in May 2019. FormularyDecisions is the leading online platform facilitating the bi-directional exchange of information between manufacturers and payers. It allows subscribing manufacturers to provide product information to payers throughout a product’s lifecycle to support better formulary decision-making. In exchange, manufacturers can access syndicated insights and feedback to better align strategies and tactics with payer needs.

Kristine has also been instrumental in developing Xcenda’s world-class company culture. As a two-time cancer survivor of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she has been a strong advocate for volunteerism among associates, particularly in the oncology space. For example, Xcenda coordinated a volunteer day in which 300 associates created 1,000 comfort kits for children and families at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg. She also serves as a co-sponsor of the AmerisourceBergen LGBTAllies employee resource group, supporting an atmosphere that celebrates people’s talents and diversity and established the Xcenda chapter of the Women’s Impact Network (WIN) to encourage further progress for women in the workforce.

One of the guiding principles Kristine subscribes to is, “Put people first. The rest will follow.” That philosophy has helped Xcenda to grow into the successful, trusted, and thought-leading organization it is today.


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