PM360 2020 Innovative Strategy Share the ‘Scope from Outcome Health

Share the ‘Scope

Outcome Health

Jenny Beightol, Director, Brand Communications & Social Impact  

Black voices in healthcare need more attention. Outcome Health recognized this and did something about it. Naturally, they placed their campaign where the world is always watching—social media. “Share the ‘Scope” was an industry-wide social media call to action on July 22, 2020 to amplify the voices in healthcare focused on health issues and disparities facing the Black community.

In a symbolic snub to injustice, the company called upon industry leaders of significant media and health organizations to turn over their social platforms for a day to demonstrate the urgency to eliminate racial discrimination in healthcare and create forums to educate the public. By doing this, various audiences were introduced to new voices and perspectives from those who are tirelessly advocating for equity and justice in healthcare.

Unfortunately, the company was met with some resistance—not all peers who were reached out to wanted to participate. But that just demonstrated to Outcome why leveraging their platforms to force attention on the racial injustice in our industry (and country) was so necessary. The company went on to rally eight pairs of organizations with a reach of more than one million followers, with the aim of amplifying Black voices working toward change in America’s embedded racist healthcare system so that they may reach audiences they would not have previously.

#SharetheScope had more than two million potential impressions, including 7,901 Instagram impressions and 19,871 Twitter impressions, and the hashtag continues to be used today. By elevating those with diverse perspectives and backgrounds, this initiative served as a stepping stone for Outcome Health’s ongoing commitment to fighting injustice.


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