PM360 2023 Innovative Consumer Tech Pulsenmore ES Remote Ultrasound

A pregnant woman using the Pulsenmore ES Remote Ultrasound on her stomach, while a doctor is watching the scan remotely from her office.

Pulsenmore ES Remote Ultrasound

Bringing Ultrasounds Home

The Pulsenmore home ultrasound solution is key in enabling quality, adequate prenatal care, and providing all expectant mothers with the appropriate visits they need—where and when they need them. It’s the only ultrasound system designed for and driven by the patient, enabling them to self-scan and capture their own fetal sonograms in collaboration with a clinician from the comfort of their own home.

The device connects an ultrasound transducer and a mobile app on the patient’s personal smartphone. Then, the clinician guides the patient through teleconference while reading the live ultrasound feed. The solution also includes an A-synchronous mode which enables the expecting mothers to self-scan based on video tutorials; the clinicians can review the scans later in a given time frame.

Nearly 500,000 births annually are to women living in areas with limited access to maternal care. Medical evidence links poor pregnancy outcomes with inadequate care. Clalit Health Services, Pulsenmore’s first customer and the biggest HMO in Israel, has enrolled over 9,000 expectant moms to its Pulsenmore service. Clalit’s real-life data demonstrate on a large scale that above 98% of remote scans can render clinical judgment, satisfaction rates are high, and preliminary data is pointing towards a meaningful reduction in preterm birth rates.

Applied to the U.S. market, where a woman’s chance of a healthy pregnancy and delivery varies greatly depending on where she lives, the Pulsenmore solution shows incredible potential. However, as of November 2023, the Pulsenmore ES Home Ultrasound solution is cleared for commercial use in EU countries, the U.K., Australia, and Israel, while being limited to investigational use only in the U.S.


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