PM360 2021 Innovative Product Contextual Intelligence 360 from Aktana

Contextual Intelligence 360


Matthew van Wingerden, VP of Product

The challenge of integrating available sources of insight, coupled with the lack of user confidence and trust in many next best action solutions, has hindered the widespread adoption of AI in commercial life sciences.

Released in October 2021, Aktana’s Contextual Intelligence 360 (CI 360) solution overcomes these limitations. The modular offering empowers life sciences organizations to rapidly scale AI-driven programs that personalize the customer experience, coordinate engagement, and optimize the entire customer journey across channels—all specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the workflows of life sciences commercial and medical teams.

Organizations can plug any predictive model or data source into CI 360, which synthesizes all inputs to transparently identify which actions are likely to yield maximum commercial impact. In fact, the AI-driven optimization engine finds the best combination of all possible actions, in all channels, and by all team members to create compelling omnichannel experiences for each physician. Then, every recommendation is accompanied by value scores and plain-language explanations to show users why the AI “thinks” the way it does, resulting in higher user confidence and long-term adherence. Plus, as the foundation of CI 360, the Aktana Platform can integrate with any data source, analytics model, and third-party system, which means organizations can adopt what they need, when they need it, taking on digital transformation at the pace of their business.

This year, a top-20 biopharma chose CI 360 to initially roll out to 1,500 users from 10 brands across six therapeutic areas in the U.S. Implementation is taking place in three phases—from within-channel orchestration to cross-channel coordination and finally to fully integrated omnichannel orchestration across all customer-facing teams and communications channels.


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