PM360 2019 Innovative Strategy Health Video NewFront from Condé Nast Health

Health Video NewFront

Condé Nast Health

Carrie Moore, Head of Health

In 2019, Condé Nast hosted its first Health Video NewFront to showcase to the health industry the strategic new ways pharmaceutical marketers can align with and integrate into the company’s award-winning video content, as well as highlight proven success that Condé Nast Health already achieved on video in the health and wellness space.

During the Health NewFront, Condé Nast announced the return of a suite of health and wellness series, extension of three series across new brands in its portfolio, and new pilots in production across Condé Nast brands. The company also presented the launch of The Modern Day Health Network, a strategic offering developed to respond to a gap in the marketplace for compelling health video content. Developed by content creators at “The Script”— a creative team dedicated entirely to health and wellness—the Modern Day Health Network enables pharmaceutical marketers to really connect with their consumers through condition-specific, empathetic, quality, and engaging video content, and also access Condé Nast Primetime, helping them achieve scale in a premium, brand-safe environment across Condé Nast’s iconic portfolio of brands, including Vogue, Wired, Vanity Fair, GQ, Epicurious, Bon Appetit, Glamour, Allure, SELF, etc. Condé Nast Primetime also launched in 2019 and offers a solution for pharmaceutical marketers in search of the highest quality video experiences in premium environments at scale—with guaranteed TV-like performance backed by Nielsen.

The company also unveiled Script Studios at the event, a content service that offers branded and white-label content for pharmaceutical partners looking for deeper integration beyond their pre-roll buys. Last year, the company worked with Wired to develop a custom series of videos focused on R&D innovation and technological development designed to enhance perception of the sponsor. Exposure to the videos increased awareness by 16%, and 88% of those exposed to the campaign perceived the company more positively. Script Studios creates opportunity for more health brands to experience that kind of success.

The event was a success, and as a result, these products have led to not only great demand for 2019, but earlier commitment for 2020. Looking ahead, Condé Nast Health video commitments are up 400% YOY to the same week last year.


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