PM360 2019 Innovative Strategy Global Field Force Augmented Reality Integration from Confideo Labs

Global Field Force Augmented Reality Integration

Confideo Labs

Mike Marett, Founder & CEO

Boehringer Ingelheim was looking to harness innovative technology and progressive new media to bolster engagement with core content, across channels and around the world by bringing patient stories, key data, and vital visual materials to life with augmented reality (AR).

Boehringer Ingelheim partnered with Natrel and engaged Confideo Labs to film, design, develop, program, configure, integrate, and deploy a compelling AR program to strategically help customers visualize the impact of Pradaxa on patient’s lives. For the first time, AR featuring mixed media (live action HD and three-dimensional digital media) was harnessed by field representatives globally to bolster engagement with HCP customers.

AR targets on printed materials were programmed to magically transform the printed imagery to digital experiences in a seamless way to truly maximize engagement. Specifically, filmed clips of patient profiles were integrated to deliver emotional, compelling stories that exponentially prolonged customer engagement with core content.

In support of the global dissemination of this strategy to field representatives around the world, following the complex immersive multimedia production, Confideo established an enterprise-level AR application framework, integrated the AR application (.IPA) with Veeva, and programmed the tactic to log engagement and utilization, ensuring seamless global distribution and providing valuable customer insights.

This strategy has been a huge success for the cardiovascular marketing team in the U.S. and around the world, and the program will evolve significantly in 2020 based on the initial customer feedback and utilization from field representatives. According to the marketing team, “Augmented Reality has helped to further emotionalize our patient stories in a way that other materials could not achieve. The strategy has proven to make Pradaxa’s product messaging much more memorable and has enabled a higher level of engagement with our customers.”


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