PM360 2019 Innovative Strategy Insight Incubator from VMS BioMarketing

Insight Incubator

VMS BioMarketing

Brion Brandes, Senior Vice President, Business Development

Over the past 24 years, VMS BioMarketing has provided more than a million patient and healthcare professional education and training programs on behalf of pharma clients. Now, the company has implemented an innovative process to provide insights from these programs to clients in a way that will directly and positively impact the care of patients: The Insight Incubator.

Through the Insight Incubator process, VMS combines real-world insights from patients on the frontlines with a deep understanding of their support ecosystem to understand the interdependencies that may impact their ability to successfully manage therapy. VMS systematically pulls this information as well as the barriers and aspects of a client’s product or therapy that may need to be addressed from their network of 800+ Clinical Educators on the frontlines. The company gathers both qualitative and quantitative insights that are continuously captured daily on the phones through customer conversations, in person via field engagement, and through ongoing call monitoring, Clinical Nurse Educators team calls, and advisory boards. They then combine those data streams to look for trends, themes, frequency, and significance, all while digging for root causes that can be fundamental or systemic. A cornerstone of the Insight Incubator process is testing via pilots. So, any programs that are developed from these insights start with a minimum viable footprint, tested to gather more insights, then the learnings are applied, and they slowly scale efforts.

Programs developed as a result of the Insight Incubator consistently see net promoter scores as high as 91% from HCPs and 95% from patients, with patients also reporting 100% satisfaction. Additionally, the innovation insights have provided program optimization resulting in a 22% cost savings to VMS clients this year.


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