PM360 2021 Innovative Product Supply Chain Issue Management and the Opus Platform from TraceLink

Supply Chain Issue Management and the Opus Platform


Kevin Young, Chief Marketing Officer

TraceLink, the leading provider of track and trace network solutions to the life sciences industry, launched Supply Chain Issue Management in April 2021. Supply Chain Issue Management is designed to enable the networking of people, systems, and processes between a manufacturer and its supply chain partners to collaboratively predict, resolve, and prevent supply chain issues. This is the first multi-enterprise work management SaaS application built upon the TraceLink Opus platform, a proprietary no-code, low-code development platform also launched by TraceLink in 2021.

Opus is the foundational backbone for Industry 4.0 transformation, by helping to connect people, systems, and processes to deliver customer-centric agility and resiliency for end-to-end supply networks. Like Waze for supply chains, the Opus platform delivers the benefit of collective intelligence to all participating network members.

The Supply Chain Issue Management solution is being used by pharma manufacturers to address the increasing frequency and severity of supply chain issues such as materials shortages, shipment delays, and quality challenges. Early adopters are using the solution to get visibility into all supply chain issues occurring across their end-to-end value chain, and to enable teams to resolve issues with collaborative workspaces where team members can be invited, tasks assigned, and due dates tracked. And the data captured in the Supply Chain Issue Management solution is used to analyze root causes in order to make process improvements and prevent issues from recurring.

So far, the results from early adopters have been impressive with a 65% reduction in the time to resolve issues, 35% reduction in the number of issues, 50% reduction in recurring issues, and 97% reduction in manufacturing disruptions.


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