ELITE Mentor Shilpa Shah-Mehta of Novartis Oncology

Shilpa Shah-Mehta

Senior Director, NET & STS Marketing

Novartis Oncology


Passing the Passion On

True leaders don’t just strive to work at the highest possible level—they inspire everyone around them to meet those very same standards. Shilpa Shah-Mehta is a true leader. And her passion, strategic vision, focus and dedication are inspiring the industry’s next generation of leaders.

Shilpa leads by example, taking the time to provide candid feedback and coach those around her. At the same time, she is a team player who is always willing to roll up her sleeves and dive into any task with dedication and gusto. Her expectations of her team—which are reflected by the exemplary way in which she carries out her own responsibilities—drive excellence across all aspects of her brands. Setting these standards innately fosters a work environment that primes leadership in all. Indeed, Shilpa pointedly encourages and supports every member of her team to become experts and leaders in their own right—the hallmark of a true mentor.

“My greatest accomplishment,” Shilpa offers, “is taking a chance and giving people opportunities for further development and then seeing them succeed by getting promoted, moving to different roles, taking on greater responsibilities and being recognized by the broader organization.”

Of course, Shilpa is not just adept at working with people—she is also exceptional at what she does. As an excellent strategist, she always keeps the big picture top of mind. This year, she successfully fortified her brand to take on a new competitive entrant. And when it comes to creative thinking, the sky is the limit. For Shilpa, to think innovatively means no idea is too big or too small. Consequently, she is always open to new ideas and new ways of approaching old challenges.

To everyone’s benefit, Shilpa is compassionate. She cares deeply for her brands, but more importantly, she cares just as deeply for the patients that they are trying to help. And now each of her employees carries this same passion—a torch they will surely pass down as they move up the ranks. Thanks to Shilpa, it is safe to say the industry is in good hands.


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