ELITE Mentor Claire Scott of Genentech

Claire Scott

Sr. Director Thought Leader Services and Commercial Compliance Operations


f3_ELITE_Mentor_Claire-ScottBuilding High-performing Teams

A strong track record for building collaborative partnerships and high-performing teams—and for consistently delivering outstanding results—certainly makes Claire Scott stand out in the pharmaceutical world. Throughout 17 very successful years in pharma and the biotech industries, Claire consistently delivers such results, which, of course, wouldn’t be possible without her ability to engage and motivate those around her. 

“I am inspired by opportunities in which I can enable thoughtful evolution by challenging the team’s thinking either through building new connections or expanding horizons,” Claire explains. “I am passionate about creating an environment for open communication at which ideas are brought forth and new heights can be achieved. We have incredible talent in this organization and it is my role to support and encourage our talent to contribute to their fullest potential and achieve their personal aspirations, whether it is within their current role or being successful at moving on to a new opportunity. Seeing team members achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding.”

Leading a team that worked to establish industry-leading capabilities related to the Federal Sunshine Act (aka Open Payments) is one of Claire’s recent achievements. Together the team built comprehensive internal data tracking and analytic capabilities. They also built an external facing portal, Sunshine Track, at which physicians can access their Genentech data at any time to review and ask questions prior to submission to CMS. And the company’s Thought Leader Liaison and Commercial Compliance Operations team proactively engaged with physicians to ensure they understood Genentech’s commitment to appropriate and compliant collaboration between healthcare professionals and the industry.

“Through our comprehensive effort and proactive engagement with our customers and stakeholders,” Claire states, “we demonstrate our commitment to transparency on the partnership between the medical community and companies like ours, which is critical to advancing scientific knowledge and delivering new medicines.”

In April, Claire was named the franchise head for Pulmozyme, a treatment for patients with cystic fibrosis (CF)—and she can’t wait to take on this new challenge. Claire says, “I am excited about the opportunity to work in support of cystic fibrosis patients, whose lives are deeply affected by this disease.”


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