Technology is Making Healthcare Easier and Easier

GYENNO: Tremor Proof Utensils



People with Parkinson’s Disease, or another neurological condition known as Essential Tremors, can have difficulty eating due to their incontrollable and unconscious tremors. The GYENNO Smart Spoon and Fork ($299) helps people who suffer from tremors eat with a little more piece of mind. Its ergonomic grip senses the tremor and moves to counteract the tremor—keeping the food on the utensil. The utensil, which is able to distinguish between intentional hand motion and unconscious tremor, is capable of offsetting 85% of unwanted tremors.

Withings: Temperature Measurement Made Cool

techknow-2Withings is reinventing how to measure a person’s temperature—forget under the tongue, in the ear, or going up somewhere a little lower. The Thermo ($100) just needs to be placed on the temple. It then uses 16 infrared sensors and the company’s patented HotSpot Sensor to find the hottest spot and make an accurate reading in two seconds. In fact, Thermo actually makes 400 measurements in that time—providing the average temperature as well as other color-coded feedback relevant to the person’s age profile.

Philips: The Portable Ultrasound

techknow-3Philips continues to make ultrasounds more accessible with Lumify, a smart device ultrasound system that connects to compatible Android tablets and smartphones. Available via a subscription model, healthcare professional or organizations would pay $199 a month to gain access to Philips’ online portal where they can order the portable transducers and access support, training, and IT services. Then they just need to download the Lumify app from Google Play, plug the transducer into their smart device, and they can conduct ultrasounds on patients—right at the point of care.

MOCACARE: Heart Health on the Go


The MOCAheart ($150) couldn’t make keeping track of your cardiovascular health simpler. Just press your thumb down and 25 seconds later it reveals your heart rate and blood oxygen level as well as a new statistic: The MOCA INDEX. This qualitative measurement of your blood flow correlated to your blood pressure provides users with an easy to understand 1 to 5 scale (Low, Ideal, Raised, High, and Very High). And at CES, the company unveiled a new iPhone 6 case that houses the MOCAheart—making it even easier to take it wherever you go.

Owlet: Parents Can Sleep Soundly

techknow-5Owlet promises, “a little help for the hardest job in the world.” New parents have plenty to stress about and nothing adds to that stress more than worrying if your baby will stop breathing at night. The Owlet Smart Sock ($249) is not the first sensor to monitor a baby’s breathing, but the company claims its pulse oximetry technology makes it more accurate. Owlet’s own studies revealed the sock to be 10 times less likely to result in a false alarm than infant movement monitors and 120 times less likely than hospital pulse oximeters.


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