Tech to Work Your Way

As COVID restrictions have relaxed, some people are starting to return to the office. Meanwhile, others are sticking with working from home. No matter where you decide to call your workplace, some new devices can help make your work life easier, perhaps somewhat healthier, or maybe just a little more enjoyable.

Chair: Relax Your Back

If you are sitting all day, you want a chair that offers as much comfort as possible. Future Seating is attempting to provide that with its new Elemax. This add-on fits into the proprietary Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support section of Future Seating’s X-Chairs and offers cooling, heating, and massage therapy to keep your body temperature comfortable and your back relaxed. If you already have a X-Chair, you can purchase the Elemax separately for $159 or you can build it into a new chair for an additional fee of $129.

Desktop: Slim and Stylish

Apple has once again redesigned the iMac ($1,299 and up), and thanks to the M1 processor, the first system on a chip for Mac, the volume of the device has been reduced by 50%—paving the way for a design that is just 11.5 millimeters. It also comes in seven different vibrant color choices, so it certainly stands out from the outside. Inside, it offers a CPU with up to 85% faster performance; the best camera, speakers, and studio-quality microphones ever in an iMac; and an immersive 4.5K Retina display.

Backpack: Kill Those Germs

If you have to travel into the office and are leery of germs, then consider Targus’ 2 Office Antimicrobial Backpack ($119.99). The Antimicrobial Protection is infused into the fabric, as well as on zippers, handles, and straps, and works to continuously prevent the growth of microorganisms. Just note, that since COVID-19 is mostly transmitted through airborne droplets, this isn’t your best defense against that. But it is great for carrying all of your office essentials with plenty of room for even a full-size keyboard. Plus, its SafePort Sling safely suspends your laptop to prevent impact in case it’s dropped.

Laptop: Your Creative Easel

For you creatives, graphic artists, and other designers, Acer built a laptop just for you. The ConceptD 7 Ezel ($2,499.99 and up) has a patented Hinge that gives users six different modes to choose from in order to make it easier to create as they prefer as well as share and present their designs. And with Wacom EMR pen technology, Acer promises a more natural and intuitive drawing experience that makes writing on glass feel similar to how it would on paper.

Webcam: No Light, No Problem

With video conferencing sure to remain no matter where you work from, Dell designed the UltraSharp ($199.99) to be what it calls “the world’s most intelligent webcam.” It was designed to deliver similar image quality to DSLR cameras by featuring a large 4K Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor and multi-element lens that captures more light, delivering crystal-clear video. That means no matter your lighting conditions, the webcam helps preserve true-to-life colors and balance exposure. Additionally, the Auto-framing feature uses AI to keep you in focus and centered in every frame.


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