PM360 2023 Trailblazer Awards Marketer of the Year Conor Fogarty

Conor Fogarty, Marketing Director, Neuroimmunology Franchise, Genentech, Inc.

Conor Fogarty is a dedicated and fearless leader who is currently spearheading a top priority for Genentech aimed at radically transforming their overall approach to marketing and customer engagement through better use of technology. His mandate was to place the patient and customer at the forefront of every decision to better address their unique and ever-evolving needs through data-driven, omnichannel experiences.

Conor led a hand-picked, cross-functional working group that strived to utilize innovative technologies and datasets, embed a habit of customer co-creation, and instill a “fail fast to learn” mindset across his team in order to pave the way for a more modernized approach to customer engagement across the organization. His perseverance, curiosity, and authenticity were instrumental to demonstrating that a reimagined way of operating could lead to better impact, serving as an exemplar across all of Genentech. A strategic thinker and people leader, Conor supported the team through hard decisions and stood by them, unafraid to acknowledge the real-time learnings and challenges that took place.

Harnessing the Power of Data

Ultimately, the goal for Conor and his team was to find scalable ways to harness the power of customer data and cross-channel connections in order to custom-build more impactful customer and patient experiences. To date, several new capabilities and successes are already being scaled across Genentech because of their work, including:

  1. Utilization of an unsupervised, machine-learning based approach to customer segmentation, which analyzes vastly increased amounts of customer data to drive coordinated decision making and prioritization across all customer-facing teams
  2. Embedding a mindset of continuous, real-time measurement and iteration
  3. Frequent, agile check-ins with relevant customers to co-create impactful solutions, changing content satisfaction scores from 1-2 to 6-7 on a 7-point scale
  4. Faster, more agile content creation, reducing time to market by 6-8x over existing benchmarks
  5. Improved engagement rates in key technologies that help drive better customer experiences across Genentech’s portfolio of products

These milestones were achieved with the involvement of multiple agencies and disciplines within Genentech, which required Conor and his team to pay close attention to scalability and cross-functional incentive alignment. The end results are already leading to better customer experiences, and the hope is to continue to utilize data and technology to make them even better.


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