PM360 2021 Trailblazer Awards Point of Care Gold Winner Insulet and InStep Health

HCP and Patient Multichannel Educational Marketing Program (Insulet, maker of Omnipod, InStep Health)

Insulet’s Omnipod is a tubeless, waterproof wearable device created to continuously deliver insulin to patients living with diabetes. To help patients, providers, caregivers, and pharmacists understand the device, InStep Health created an omnichannel marketing campaign to educate and inspire conversations between patients and providers—a particularly challenging goal throughout the COVID pandemic.

Using InStep Health’s nationwide network of over 250,000 HCP offices and over 25,000 retail and pharmacies, the platform targeted patients and doctors in the HCP office; consumers and pharmacists in the pharmacy; and customized digital content in all the spaces in between.

Mike Byrnes, Chief of Sales at InStep Health, explains, “We identified specific areas of the country to launch the campaign. Then, provided Omnipod’s sales force with a list of HCPs and pharmacists that were part of the campaign to reach out to them personally. To help start conversations, we provided video, an e-brochure, campaign flight dates, and other resources to educate providers about the InStep Health Omnipod program.”


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