PM360 2020 Innovative Service SOCIALSCAPE from Health Union


Health Union

Rich Vitali, Vice President of Business Development

For years, social listening has been an important tool to gauge online conversations about a brand, company, or service. But as useful as it is, traditional social listening reports can be limited in scope and often delivered with varying degrees of actionability. Additionally, pharma marketers have the unique challenge of being required to follow strict legal and regulatory guidance related to adverse event reporting when they commission social listening activities.

These challenges inspired Health Union to create SOCIALSCAPE, a syndicated study that evolves social listening from a passive monitoring tool to a proactive, insightful research method that delivers a new level of insight and actionability. The SOCIALSCAPE report is comprised of three distinct approaches that layer on each other:

1. Community Engagement: Health Union first analyzes the engagement among participants in its own open, condition-specific communities. The methodology quantifies the number of publications and posts related to various types of content within a three-month period; analyzes Facebook metrics to understand individual and social engagement within these posts (e.g., likes, comments, shares); and performs a qualitative analysis of commentary related to the specific topic.

2. Social Listening: Using community conversation and engagement as a baseline, public online sources and social media are monitored and aggregated using traditional social listening tools, and keyword mentions are analyzed for relevant topic-related conversations.

3. Search Trends: Finally, an analysis of Google search trends related to treatment, treatment classes, and brands compares and contrasts trends in interest over time.

The initial SOCIALSCAPE report, “Exploring Migraine Treatment Conversations,” was delivered in April 2020. Health Union is considering expanding efforts to provide quarterly SOCIALSCAPE reports in 2021 for a number of other conditions.


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