PM360 2020 Innovative Service Remote Technology Solutions from Medtronic

Remote Technology Solutions


COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future and with it, changing healthcare forever. The delivery of healthcare must be reimagined to ensure patient and provider needs are met and the Medtronic respiratory business made sure to mobilize all resources to meet these needs.

To help battle the pandemic, Medtronic introduced a first-of-its-kind remote management solution for its Puritan Bennett 980 ventilator that lets clinicians view and adjust the ventilator settings outside of a patient room using a computer. With fewer entries into patient isolation rooms, clinicians may also avoid spending time gowning up and may use less PPE. In April 2020, doctors at four hospitals across the United States collaborated with Medtronic on a pilot program—and Medtronic rolled out the solution to all U.S. customers as a free software upgrade in May.

Also in April 2020, as New York City hospitals braced for a bed shortage when COVID cases began to surge, the Javits Convention Center, never intended to be a hospital, was converted into a 1,000-bed patient overflow facility in partnership with Northwell Health. When Governor Cuomo contacted Medtronic to set up remote patient monitoring, the Medtronic team quickly installed 400 Nellcor pulse oximetry monitors through the company’s Vital Sync virtual patient monitoring platform. The setup, which would typically take weeks to install, was completed by the team in two days. Javits emergency administration called the remote monitoring “a game changer. This remote monitoring allows 400 patients to be monitored by 10 clinicians.” Even more significant, on the very first day of operation, the Nellcor pulse oximetry and Vital Sync virtual patient monitoring platform helped save two lives.


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