PM360 2020 Innovative Startup conversationHEALTH


Jessica Naman, Director of Marketing

Great conversations are the basis for interactions between industry and HCPs (rep and physician) and HCPs and their patients, and thereby key to rich customer experience and positive health outcomes. The challenge is there simply isn’t enough of these conversations, and most conversations don’t happen in real time.

Founded in 2017, conversationHEALTH created a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that virtualizes and delivers conversations at scale. Purpose-built for the life sciences industry, the SaaS platform engages HCPs, patients, and consumers, across all therapeutic areas, lines of business (clinical trials, medical affairs, commercial), and geographies, 24/7/365.

In the challenging environment of a pandemic, life sciences companies still needed to engage HCPs and patients. Text-based solutions (web, social), voice assistants, interactive voice response systems (IVR), and virtual reps/MSLs were deployed across a number of use cases to re-establish engagement and support. conversationHEALTH now works with 20 global life sciences companies; 96% of inquiries to the conversationHEALTH SaaS platform are successfully managed by the platform; close to 40% of all interactions take place “off hours,” i.e., weeknights and weekends; and over 30% of customers re-engage the platform within 12 months for continued support.

One example is Bayer’s deployment of the industry’s first voice-based medical information solution for HCPs on Google Home. With SMART MI, Bayer provides information and coverage of their prescription products to HCPs in the digital channels of their preference, in real time 24/7/365.

In sum, conversationHEALTH helps life sciences companies conversationalize their businesses and brands. Additionally, companies can be more responsive to their customers; develop capabilities that scale across portfolios, lines of business, and geographies; and drive valuable insights about their products and customers.


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