2018 Pharma Choice Sales Aid Bronze Winner DiD, Propeller Communications, and Novartis

DiD and Propeller Communications


Complete Patient Approach

The COSENTYX® Team pioneered the Complete Patient Approach visual aid to enable sales representatives to deliver a more in-depth presentation about why treating the seen and unseen aspects of psoriasis is important. As a result, the Complete Patient Approach expanded HCPs’ view of psoriasis treatment and elevated their preference for prescribing COSENTYX.

DiD Team:

Founding Partner: Peter Kenney
Creative Director: Patrick Lowery
VP, Creative Design Principal: Jonathan Burrows
SVP, Medical and Scientific Director: Michael Golub, MD
Senior Director, Strategy: Terri Foreman
Senior Director, Project Management: Lindsay Dearing

Propeller Communications Team:

Founder/President: Charlie Flax
Account Director: Katie Mays
Director, Digital Strategy: Heather Hoy

Novartis Team:

Executive Director of Dermatology: Rhonda Peebles
Director of HCP Marketing & Promotions: Tiffany Crawford
HCP Intern: Mary Chen
Director of Professional Relations: Troy Fulmore
Associate Director of Peer to Peer: Kim Evanyo
Conventions Marketing: Céline LaFratte
Associate Director Consumer: Chrystie Yodice


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