PM360 2020 Innovative Service InSite Event from Impetus Digital

InSite Event

Impetus Digital

Jessica Masciangelo, Business Development Director

In the age of COVID-19, companies need solutions to help plan, produce, and promote virtual congresses, conferences, medical education events, and corporate meetings.

InSite Event is an “all-in-one,” custom-branded, pharma-compliant event and networking platform that is made to resemble and include all aspects of in-person events, specifically geared towards life sciences companies.

Participants can move seamlessly between keynote presentations, interview-style fireside chats, workshops, panel discussions, lightning rounds, sponsored talks, live audience Q&A, breakout sessions, networking, and more. Networking can be pre-scheduled or done on-demand, either through synchronous virtual meetings, asynchronously using discussion forum and chat functions, or the two parties can set up a meeting at a future date.

Attendees can also visit exhibitor booths, poster presentations, and connect with sponsors using a variety of fun and engaging quizzes, competitions, and games before, during, and after the event.

Impetus Digital has 12 years’ experience in virtualizing meetings such as advisory boards, working groups, and steering committees from around the globe. Based on this experience, InSite Event comes packaged with full strategic support, event hosting, technical dry-runs, meeting production and orchestration, technical troubleshooting and support, customized design and branding, and more, reducing costs and redundancy in coordinating between multiple vendors.

The InSite Event platform gives event organizers intuitive, real-time user metrics, allowing close monitoring of the engagement and interactivity levels and all other aspects of the meeting. In a pilot project, InSite Event was found to reduce the cost of the event by 60% compared to the 2019 in-person conference, while increasing the gross revenue by 37%.


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