PM360 2020 Innovative Service mobileCare Manager from ConnectiveRx

mobileCare Manager


Danielle Daly, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

In August 2020, ConnectiveRx partnered with HelpAround to help ease the emotionally difficult specialty patient journey through the launch of mobileCare Manager. This mobile patient experience platform was built to help specialty patients integrate their complex therapy journey into their daily lifestyle through their smartphone via multiple modalities, including SMS, mobile web, and mobile app.

For example, when questions and uncertainties arise about their condition or treatment, patients need a way to reach their support systems to receive hands-on expertise. mobileCare Manager offers tools such as live chat with nurses or case managers as well as unbranded patient peer matching, allowing them to connect directly to others experiencing similar challenges along the specialty patient journey. With support in the palm of their hands, patients are more empowered to take an active role in their care. In fact, early results show 2% to 6% less initial drop-off and 30% less drop-off after three months when brands invest in mobileCare Manager for their patients. This also leads to increased patient hub enrollment and overall higher patient satisfaction rates.

Like the specialty patient journey, every specialty brand is different. mobileCare Manager allows brands to customize its services based on what is best for their drug and the needs of their patients. Furthermore, next-level data from the platform provides deep analysis that helps brands better understand which services patients are using and how often, which helps marketers optimize their patient savings strategy around design, targeting, and optimization. By providing simplified awareness and access to critical support programs, ConnectiveRx and HelpAround are helping specialty patients not only get on therapy but stay on therapy.


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