PM360 2018 Innovative Product Meridian from Beghou Consulting


Beghou Consulting

Chris Berg, Partner

Beghou Consulting’s Meridian alignment software suite uses advanced algorithms to quickly and accurately determine the optimal sales force deployment and territory alignment for life sciences companies. With Meridian, commercial operations executives can examine the myriad of sales force deployment scenarios far ahead of product launch.

Built on Google Maps and grounded in the firm’s 30-plus years advising pharma companies, Meridian’s interactive visualization blends this knowledge, experience, and healthcare market area data to provide accurate recommendations and complete alignments for the most complex of scenarios. The Meridian product suite features Beghou’s proprietary, state-of-the-art technology and includes:

  • Meridian Blueprint: Uses advanced algorithms to determine the optimal sales force geographic deployment across markets dramatically faster than previous methods.
  • Meridian Balance: Defines optimal territory configurations to evenly distribute workload and value.
  • Meridian Map: Determines optimal sales force allocation and allows for quick adjustments to accommodate changing market conditions using visualizations.

Since its launch at the end of 2017, Beghou has used the tool in engagements with more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies. For example, a biopharmaceutical company sought to expand its sales force to market a new product to treat a neurodegenerative disease after another of its products had been on the market for many years. Meridian provided sales managers detailed views of territory and customer configurations, which helped fine-tune the optimal number of sales territories. Ultimately, Beghou recommended a sales force expansion of more than 30%.

Beghou is always looking to develop new and existing products and released Meridian in October 2018. The consulting firm is also currently developing a new simulation engine to calculate hundreds of thousands of alignment solutions under specific market conditions and plans to expand the product’s databases and increase the speed of alignments in the near future.


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