PM360 2020 Innovative Service ImpactReady from Ashfield Commercial


Ashfield Commercial

Tyler Cowan, Vice President, Business Development and Strategy

Ashfield Commercial, part of UDG Healthcare plc, developed ImpactReady, a personalized system and process, rapidly establishing high-quality, built-for-purpose teams and exceptional output to accelerate performance, scaling or pivoting quickly in response to an ever-changing environment. ImpactReady is provided as completely outsourced, or partially outsourced, services to optimize the delivery of commercialization solutions for pharma, biotech, and emerging pharma in three key areas.

Real-Time Recruiting: Recognizing that the reliance on enormous, outdated databases traditionally used in talent acquisition wasted significant time and money, ImpactReady was developed to offer unique, real-time recruitment based on a candidate acquisition strategy and approach specific to client needs. ImpactReady uses an AI-powered CRM and applicant tracking system based on localized recruitment via LinkedIn and other web-based platforms. The system constantly refreshes the applicant pool and curates matches to quickly create the requisite, built-for-purpose teams. The end result: 98% of roles are filled by the required start date, usually in an average of 20 days, and demonstrating 90% retention rates after 12 months.

Learning and Development: ImpactReady offers customized training for outsourced or in-house client teams enabling trainees to succeed in their roles and beyond. Training is delivered on-site or virtually, and is centered on guiding sales representatives to adopt technology, communicate remotely and directly, interpret data, and use their insights for effectiveness.

Operational Delivery: From territory leadership to each individual representative, every team is structured to meet the requirements of the therapeutic area and the client’s goals. Head counts, rep profiles, virtual communication, technology, and CRM systems are all customized for the project. Multiple technology options are supported including Oracle, SAP Concur, Veeva, Workday, Absorb, as well as custom-built infrastructures.


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