PM360 2020 Innovative Product Mainsail™ Forecast from Beghou Consulting

Mainsail™ Forecast

Beghou Consulting

Dan Schulman, Associate Partner

A multinational biotech company was using an Excel-based forecasting model for its new oncology drug product. But, as with many Excel-based models, it struggled to keep pace with the therapy’s growth. Soon after launch, the company began expanding the model to allow for other indications in its pipeline. Each new indication added thousands of rows, columns, and formulas. These quickly overloaded the model and slowed down forecast processing times. Forecasting challenges were exacerbated when the company’s growing commercial team added more inputs and opportunities. When the team sought a single global forecast, the disjointed model struggled to combine individual regional forecasts.

In July 2020, the company hired Beghou Consulting to address the limitations of the spreadsheet-based model. Beghou developed a secure, cloud-based forecasting solution, now called Mainsail™ Forecast, that enables users to perform complex calculations related to treatment regimens, patient flows, lines of therapy, and more. Using the application, life sciences commercial teams can keep up with the evolving nature of drug commercialization and build more sophisticated and robust forecasts.

Mainsail™ Forecast enables users to aggregate forecasts for a company’s portfolio across products, countries, and indications. It also allows users to perform Monte Carlo simulations and sensitivity analysis. Commercial teams can boost their capabilities by integrating Mainsail™ Forecast with additional Mainsail™ modules, such as sales reporting, goal setting, and incentive compensation calculations. The solution also leverages the processing power of the cloud and Beghou’s technology platform, ARMADA™, to recalculate forecasts in real time. This modern forecasting solution releases users from the limits of spreadsheet-based models and helps them build more accurate forecasts.


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