PM360 2020 Innovative Startup Theraneutrics LLC

Theraneutrics LLC

Christoph Geisler, CEO & Founder

The root cause of gout is excessive uric acid levels. In the U.S., 9.2 million people have a history of gout, with another 47 million considered at risk. Only about a third of gout patients take prescription drugs designed to lower uric acid levels. The reason is these drugs don’t work well for many patients, and often have serious side effects.

It turns out humans lack the ability to break down uric acid, causing levels to be much higher than in animals. With a background in genetic engineering, and a deep understanding of the metabolic processes, Christoph Geisler, PhD was uniquely positioned to take advantage of the insight that gout, at heart, is caused by a metabolic deficiency in uric acid breakdown.

To remedy this, Dr. Geisler came up with the idea to engineer probiotics to take up and break down uric acid in the intestine. Because the gut equilibrates with the rest of the body, uric acid levels can be reduced throughout the body by breaking down uric acid in the gut. In October 2018, he founded Theraneutrics to turn this concept into reality.

Theraneutrics is developing Krystalase, a patent-pending probiotic. Because probiotics stay in the gut and don’t enter the circulation, the potential for side effects such as kidney damage is eliminated. Unlike other non-prescription supplements marketed towards gout, Krystalase is based on science and addresses the root cause of gout. Over the next 18 to 24 months, Theraneutrics is planning to complete product R&D. The company is also looking to demonstrate efficacy and safety in an animal model, and expects the product to be available for consumers soon after that.


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