PM360 2018 Innovative Strategy U.S. CSL Behring Patient Engagement Team from CSL Behring

U.S. CSL Behring Patient Engagement Team

CSL Behring

Dina Inverso, Strategy Leader, Reimbursement and Patient Engagement

The U.S. CSL Behring Patient Engagement Team, from left to right: Christine Diamond, Margaret Mary Conger, Janet Reimund, Dina Inverso, and Jordan Smith.

As many companies talk about becoming patient centric, CSL Behring established an entire department that works across all patient-related fields and all disease categories. While the U.S. Patient Engagement Team had been operational for many years already, in 2017 its status as a vital corporate priority was cemented through the introduction of “Patient Focus” as a core company value.

The hallmark of CSL’s approach is that patients and caregivers are involved from the start. A large group of patients across different disease areas and brands contribute directly to CSL Behring’s cross-functional strategies. The team has also demonstrated that authentic, relatable, emotional patient stories move the needle in changing people’s behavior.

An example of how the U.S. Patient Engagement Team helps to bring CSL Behring’s patient focus to external audiences is the content they contribute to CSL’s corporate news site: Vita. Patient and caregiver interviews, news from CSL as an industry leader, disease-related facts and figures, and tips about how to handle everyday problems related to rare diseases, such as bullying at school, motivate visitors to live self-determined lives. Another of the team’s successful programs was the introduction of the CIDP Voice2Voice Advocates for Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy in 2018. The team involved CIDP advocates in the design of a new CIDP mentor program to ensure it meets the needs of the community. There is an annual advocate summit and a bimonthly conference call, so advocates have a continuous touchpoint that allows them to provide insight and collaboration.

At the executive level, the team is spearheaded by Dina Inverso, MBA, who also leads the Reimbursement and Access function. The team members are Janet Reimund, Margaret Mary Conger, Christine Diamond, and Jordan Smith.


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