PM360 2018 Innovative Strategy The Healthcare Challenger Brand from Elevate Healthcare

The Healthcare Challenger Brand

Elevate Healthcare

Frank X. Powers, Managing Partner  

You’re a marketing director of a young biotech brand. Your brand is an innovator, but you have challenges. Big ones. Sometimes they seem insurmountable, but you persevere. You keep taking on the bigger competition. You keep going despite the fact that your data, while good, is not exactly what you had hoped for. You have a healthcare challenger brand.

A challenger brand is one with a unique set of circumstances. It may not have clinical advantage, first-in leverage, a unique mechanism of action, a breakthrough product profile, or the ability to outspend. But it does have real potential. That’s exactly why Elevate was formed—purpose-built to serve healthcare challenger brands.

Elevate, founded in 2015, specializes in helping to guide the marketing of those biopharma and medical device products that need to overcome more powerful competitors, market limitations, and internal obstacles to achieve their full potential, who need to find new and innovative ways to overcome circumstances and environments. The agency’s model is to elevate the quality and influence of a brand’s healthcare marketing by bringing insight, planning, and creativity targeted to a client’s most pressing issues.

Elevate helps marketers to view their challenges as “beautiful constraints”—opportunities to differentiate and propel their brand by elevating their marketing strategy, creating a narrative of change, and becoming a symbol of positive market disruption. The team at Elevate analyzes the landscape, understands market trends and their impact, dissects current marketing programs, scrutinizes competitive initiatives, and scours through existing analytics—all to transform the information and insights amassed into a behavior-changing brand platform and user experience that helps overcome the most significant challenges a brand is facing.


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