PM360 2018 Innovative Product Pando from Inception Digital


Inception Digital

Matt Giegerich, CEO

Recognizing the need for increased collaboration and engagement beyond live meetings and the challenges of current virtual meeting technology, Inception Digital designed Pando to bridge the gap. Launched in May, Pando is a live meeting delivered virtually without the travel, cost, or scheduling challenges of traditional meetings.

The platform brings together up to 60 participants from anywhere in the world displayed on the 40-foot Pandorama video wall and almost unlimited off-wall participants. The meeting is orchestrated by a full studio production crew, managing all aspects of the meeting to ensure the optimal participant experience. With no software to download and live HelpDesk staff who greet participants to ensure easy on-boarding, Pando has removed the technical challenges so often present in virtual meeting software.

The only person required to be in the studio is the moderator who interacts with the participants and manages the meeting, although clients can bring up to 40 team members to engage with the participants or to observe. The moderator interacts with the participants, asking and answering questions and easily toggles between presentations, whiteboarding, and built-in surveys and polls.

Pando brings new options to the industry for any meeting such as, but not limited to, sales training, speaker training, physician or patient advisory boards, town halls, regional meetings, mock P&T meetings, steering committees, and international managers’ meetings.

While the potential use cases for Pando are limitless, the results are the same: Superior engagement, interactive dialogue, and measurable results. In fact, 90% of trainers and marketers would like to use Pando again and 93.64% of participants said that Pando either met or exceeded their expectations. Additionally, the cost benefit compared to a live meeting is compelling. A client that held a six-day Pando meeting for 2,500 sales reps calculated an ROI of 13:1.


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