PM360 2021 Innovative Startup Earable Inc.

Earable Inc.

Thinh Pham, Marketing Manager

Earable Inc. is revolutionizing cognitive healthcare by commercializing head-based bio-sensing technology. With a mission to improve human cognitive functions, its pioneering work is at the intersection of breakthrough wearable sensing, signal processing, and machine learning.

Earable’s core technology is the ability to accurately record neural signals and apply machine learning to detect mental states including sleep, focus, mindfulness, pain, etc., and apply stimulations, using audio/electromagnetic field/direct current to improve those states and help with conditions and diseases. The technology was first implemented into a product in 2019, which has been used for pharmaceutical research—just one of its many possible applications. The company has been continuously updating it in both design and function, with the goal to bring it to the consumer market in early 2022.

The innovation will both eliminate challenges in current R&D processes and enable tremendous improvements in healthcare services, for example:

  • Researchers can capture neural-activity “in the wild,” as opposed to cumbersome machines like the polysomnography (PSG).
  • Telemedicine services can have objective biomarker data from users, to help with disease prediction, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.
  • Doctors can precisely prescribe painkiller, based on the actual pain level of the patients, rather than subjective self-reporting, to minimize adverse side effects and abuse.

In addition, Earable had to make sure it put the technology in a product that people are comfortable using. Some of the ways they are accomplishing that are using extremely comfortable nano materials, or by introducing games in their app to help build healthy habits.


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