PM360 2018 Innovative Product Ping from M3 Health


M3 Health

Jennifer Valentine, President

The Amazon Dash button is already providing consumers an easier and quicker way to order some of their favorite products, so M3 Health thought “why can’t the same technology be applied to healthcare”?

M3 Health is a software development firm and new technology incubator with over 19 years of experience delivering innovative solutions to the life sciences industry. Its latest product, Ping™, is the first Internet of Things (IoT) customer engagement ecosystem that leverages a unique configuration of Amazon-enabled technologies—including the consumer-proven Amazon Dash button and the artificial intelligence behind Alexa voice technology—to give life sciences’ commercial, clinical, and consumer teams a competitive advantage. M3 Health presented the Ping concept to AWS (Amazon Web Services) in late 2017 as part of the application to obtain access into their IoT Technology Preview Program, and they were the only software company in the life sciences/biotech support sector to be accepted into the program.

Ping was designed to give HCPs an easier way of engaging with pharmaceutical/biotech/medical device companies. Ping can help overcome the access problems these companies are facing to reach physicians. When an HCP office has a Ping button, it takes just once click to easily request a representative, order samples, gain access to patient support programs, connect with medical affairs, or even use the Ping button to facilitate eCommerce. Ping can also be supplied to patients, so they can contact the drug manufacturer if they are in need of support services. Another unique feature of Ping—it triggers an interaction with Lex, the Amazon artificial intelligence technology behind Alexa.

Several pilots with the product are ongoing, and M3 Health plans to report results in early 2019.


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