PM360 2018 Innovative Division EngagedMedia of Aptus Health


Aptus Health

Hoss Sooudi, General Manager, EngagedMedia

Non-adherence costs more and affects more people than any single disease Americans currently worry about—and is potentially 100% preventable. EngagedMedia™ (EM) was founded to help clear adherence barriers using technology, primarily via real-time mobile messaging. EM is able to inform and help patients throughout the duration of their therapy, providing insights, convenience, and services to patients when it matters most. In June 2018, the company was acquired by Aptus Health, and now operates as a division of this global organization.

Its EngagedPatient™ platform delivers real-time, dynamic digital messaging that is personalized to a patient based on pharmacy events—such as issues with cost, insurance coverage, switching, and others—typically coupled with a copay offset or discount. The platform is optimized for mobile devices—from SMS messaging and mobile-native surveys to push messaging and proximity alerts—and uses proprietary technology and accessible language specifically designed to ease mobile engagement for specific patient profiles.

These hyper-targeted messages are sent on behalf of brands at key points in a patient’s healthcare journey, such as starting a new medication, refilling a prescription, understanding pharmacy benefits status, and other areas of support. Patients may be encouraged to enroll in the HIPAA-compliant program through a brand’s overall DTC promotions, or they may be alerted to the program from their healthcare provider. Once enrolled, patients receive an electronic discount card (or eCard) to use at the pharmacy, and begin receiving personalized real-time messages that help them adhere to their particular branded therapies.

On average, patients enrolled in EM’s EngagedPatient programs significantly outperform non-engaged patients. EngagedPatient refill rates are 35% higher, refill timing is 74% faster, and patients’ therapy duration lasts 27% longer than non-engaged patients (those receiving the same discount offers but do not receive EngagedPatient™ messaging).


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