PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Product/Service Launch Winner Flexion Therapeutics and Dudnyk

ZILRETTA “Meet Your Match” (Flexion Therapeutics, Dudnyk)

Those who suffer from the chronic pain and debilitation of osteoarthritis now have a longer-lasting treatment option: As the first extended-release injectable steroid, ZILRETTA offers the efficacy of a proven agent (steroid) combined with novel microsphere technology for significant magnitude and duration of pain relief. The goal of the ZILRETTA campaign was to quickly communicate the chronic burden of OA knee pain and set up ZILRETTA as a technologically advanced and powerful tool to combat chronic pain for at least three months.

The “Meet Your Match” campaign focuses on the knee to help the very literal-minded orthopedic specialists and rheumatologists quickly connect to the OA knee pain disease state. The chronic and persistent pain of OA is represented as the sharp and binding barbed wire that encircles the knee. To showcase the differentiating benefit of ZILRETTA, the extended-release microspheres are pictured rushing around the side of the knee, ready to go head-to-head against debilitating pain.

At launch, representatives were armed with several print selling pieces, along with a comprehensive, high-end digital sales aid, that allowed them to give a customized presentation directed toward the individual needs of the physician. Key messages were reinforced through a multichannel approach that included direct mail, email, journal ads, targeted banner ads, convention materials, and a brand website.

Dudnyk’s innovative approach to thoroughly interview orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, and primary care providers about where ZILRETTA would fit into their practice and what value it would bring to patients resulted in an impactful campaign. Feedback from field representatives has been very positive. They were thrilled to receive the breadth of materials at launch to help them tell a compelling story for ZILRETTA.


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