PM360 2018 Innovative Division Earned Media Team of W2O Group

Earned Media Team

W2O Group

Anita Bose, Head of Client & Business Development  

As global healthcare continues to undergo massive disruption, the emphasis and relevance of earned media has not gone unnoticed among pharma marketers, who are looking beyond conventional approaches with informed analytics to best identify, communicate, and engage with an increasingly connected spectrum of influencers and audiences.

Enter W2O Group and its healthcare Earned Media Team (EMT), which works to create an unfair advantage for clients large and small through their expertise and advanced analytics. With more than 25 dedicated media strategists spanning the globe, the team’s earned pros follow the data to better understand audiences, how they get their news, and then pair the right message to the right reporter at the right time to deliver results.

The EMT also works with W2O’s more than 100 analysts and utilizes the agency’s proprietary text mining and content analysis platforms to:

  • Conduct audience and influencer segmentation based on deep demographics, psychographics, and online behaviors. Their affinity analysis, Socialgraphics, enables them to identify key influencers and opinion leaders, as well as measure company reputation and relevance among key groups.
  • Shape strategy, optimize content, and measure impact with their MDigitalLife Healthcare Ecosystem of more than one million individuals, including advocacy groups, media, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, policy makers, PBMs, and health systems.
  • Effectively target and engage with the influencers who are driving the conversation.
  • Analyze how client news is moving in the media and among analysts/key opinion leaders, so they can identify gaps in coverage and conversations to course correct in real time.

In three short years, the team has tripled in size with staffers from the leading news outlets and PR/digital agencies representing virtually all core areas of healthcare.


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