PM360 2018 Innovative Division Customer Insights of Crossix

Customer Insights


Mark Schulman, Head of Customer Insights  

Earlier this year, Crossix formally launched Customer Insights, a new practice area dedicated to providing the healthcare industry with groundbreaking capabilities to better understand, segment, and target patients and physicians. Building on the company’s industry-leading technology, this specialized team generates unprecedented audience insights by layering in advanced analytics.

For years, healthcare marketers have faced significant challenges in developing highly actionable, patient and HCP strategies and campaigns. Traditional marketing insights, typically based on small, biased samples, have been notoriously difficult to translate into real-world execution, with programs across different channels nearly impossible to measure.

Crossix is now enabling an end-to-end, data-driven approach to marketing, helping clients to unify their audience at the customer level. This allows marketers to:

  • Develop a deep understanding of their most valuable audiences.
  • Define audiences more holistically and with greater relevance.
  • Reach those audiences precisely, at scale, across media channels.
  • Connect advertising exposure to health behavior.

With the help of Crossix Customer Insights, health marketers can execute more informed campaigns and reach their audiences across channels, ultimately amplifying their campaign message to the right patients.

While the path to innovation and transformation is challenging—old habits are hard to break—Crossix has seen the industry respond with overwhelming enthusiasm. Clients are now thinking outside of the box and asking questions they never thought were possible to answer. Knowledge is power. Actionable knowledge is game-changing. Crossix Customer Insights will continue to drive innovation and bring new insights and capabilities to the healthcare marketing landscape.


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