PM360 2021 Innovative Product RxVantage Digital Platform from RxVantage

RxVantage Digital Platform


Alejandro Villageliu, EVP, Head of Enterprise Partnerships 

Keeping up with the rapid pace of change in medicine is overwhelming, if not almost impossible for healthcare professionals. To help, RxVantage developed a digital platform that enables HCPs and medical practices to streamline life sciences communications. When an HCP needs information on a new FDA approval or wants to discuss a complex patient case, RxVantage makes it easy for them to directly connect with the right nurse educator, sales specialist, reimbursement specialist, or medical science liaison from more than 900 life sciences companies based on the HCP’s own specific rules and preferences.

Additionally, RxVantage provides HCPs with access to critical content and resources they need for their patients. This includes a searchable, up-to-date database of all patient assistance programs in one place; a curated live webinar series focused on coding, billing, and legislative updates; and manufacturer-provided content. To date, the RxVantage network is made up of more than 6,000 leading medical practices, embodying 16,000+ providers.

In April 2020, RxVantage released a number of platform enhancements to accommodate changes due to the pandemic. First, RxVantage Virtual Meetings was developed to integrate a secure, hassle-free solution that adds video conferencing to any meeting between a medical practice and life sciences expert. With Virtual Meetings, practices can use one common video conferencing platform while still leveraging RxVantage to automate logistics and scheduling according to their specific rules and preferences.

As practices began to restart some form of in-office meetings with life sciences experts, RxVantage introduced a new In-Office Policy Builder to help those re-openings go more smoothly. With the new tool, practices can build a custom policy, including their vaccination policy, which life sciences experts review and acknowledge on RxVantage prior to booking meetings or arriving at the office.


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