Odysseys with Ivy Cohen

PM360 asked Ivy Cohen, President and CEO, Ivy Cohen Corporate Communications, about the place she just can’t stop returning to.

Ivy and her mother join in to choose the finale winner.

My Odyssey: For the past seven years (with a couple year COVID gap), my husband, mother, and I attend Amateur Night at The Apollo—The Grand Finale on the night before Thanksgiving. Amateur night is known for attracting performers from around the world and intense audience engagement, whereby favorite acts move forward in the competition and others are booed. The Finale is a remarkable show! The acts are top talent from around the U.S. and typically a few from around the world. The performers include singers, dancers, musicians, and comedians. It is great fun to enjoy this decades-long tradition with amazing talent. Oh, and the audience participation is essential here. Our claps and shouts at the end select the winner.

Kofi Boakye took home the $20,000 Grand Prize in 2022.

My Recommendation: The Apollo Theater is a national treasure. The history of performers and social justice that permeates the walls and seats is unique and original. Experiencing new up and coming talent and joining the audience and house band is a spectacular way for anyone to start their Thanksgiving celebration! We are proud to be members year-round.


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