My Other Life with Amy Lundquist

PM360 recently spoke to Amy Lundquist, Senior Product Manager, Spinraza Marketing at Biogen, about her passion for do-it-yourself home improvement.

PM360: Why do you love DIY and how did you get started?

Amy Lundquist: I love DIY and home improvement projects because I like the idea of leaving a place better than I found it. Home design and decor can change how a person feels when they enter a space, and I like the challenge of balancing extremely functional spaces with a fun and inviting element. My parents are very into projects and my mom insisted I become comfortable with basic tools, which allowed me to gain confidence in my own abilities. Now, my partner, Brent, is quite handy and together we’ve enjoyed taking on larger and larger projects.

Amy and her partner, Brent, recently bought a triangle-shaped lake house and went to work renovating.

Which project has been your favorite so far?

Last summer, we bought a house with an amazing view of a cute little lake, but it needed a lot of updates. The twist: Because of the layout of the plot, the house was built with a triangular footprint—so each floor only has three corners. We thought a house so unique was deserving of a name, so we posted a sign “Acute Cottage.”

One project was renovating a dark, dingy space underneath the balcony held back by rotten timber and overrun with spiders. We had patio pavers put in, replaced and painted the deck posts and beams, added a ceiling with a gutter system to waterproof it, hung curtains, set up a sitting area, and mounted a TV. We installed a patio swing and set up rocking chairs around a gas fire pit that I refinished to create a wonderfully cozy patio. It’s now our favorite space of the house!

What has been your most challenging project?

The bathroom, which we demolished back to the studs for a completely fresh start. It was a huge undertaking, and since we only have one and a half bathrooms there was a sense of urgency to get it done swiftly! We were doing some things for the first time, so learning as we went was stressful at times. But it was well worth it in the end.

What are some other examples of projects you have done?

I really enjoy recycling something old to be renewed or used for a different purpose. The headboard of our bed is made from an old door we replaced in our last house (actually need to credit my parents with that one). Additionally, the guest room bed is made of bookshelves, we turned an old trunk into a cat house, and a log rack into a planter.

What advice would you offer to others looking to start more DIY projects?

The best way to learn is to try. The only caution: Do not bite off too much at once and be patient with yourself. Like anything, it gets easier with practice, and in the worst case the first dozen projects can decorate your shed or garage until you’re ready to give them a more prominent position.


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