ELITE 2020 Digital Crusader Stefanie Nacar of GSK

Stefanie Nacar

Head U.S. Oncology Communications


Bringing GIPHY Use to Pharma

“Stefanie Nacar is a real agent of change within the digital and social space,” says Intouch Solutions Account Director Alex Kareotes. “She isn’t afraid of new, innovative ideas and is consistently looking to push the status quo to provide real impact for patients.”

Just one example came in 2018 when Stefanie spearheaded the Not On My Watch fully integrated multichannel marketing campaign, which featured actors/spokespeople Cobie Smulders and Scott Foley. It was designed to empower women with ovarian cancer who have had a recurrence(s) and responded to chemotherapy to no longer “watch and wait” for their disease to return.

To ensure success, she established the digital and MCM competencies within TESARO and built the foundation for the brand’s digital media strategy, ensuring it was positioned to increase awareness and drive adoption across various channels, including website architecture/UX and SEO/SEM, CRM, social media channel development, display, and PR. Stefanie also developed an integrated digital analytics report to evaluate all digital tactics. The campaign ended up with 1.7+ billion media impressions (well above the 700+ million goal), 8.95 million PSA views, 45,000+ PSA shares, and 315,000 website visits.

Then in 2019, Stefanie was a key player in helping bring ovarian cancer awareness front and center with #OvaryAct, a socially driven campaign designed to empower people everywhere to share impactful GIFs to raise awareness during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. The aim was to spread facts and debunk common myths associated with ovarian cancer detection and diagnosis.

To extend reach beyond owned platforms, Stefanie and Intouch launched a GIPHY page—a first in pharma—which allowed users to share #OvaryAct assets on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram Stories, TikTok, and SMS. To stand out in a crowded marketplace, Stefanie and her team worked with a premier illustrator to create clever GIFs and GIPHY stickers to arm the ovarian cancer community. The striking creative broke the traditional pharma mold and sparked conversations. Results for #OvaryAct were unprecedented: 52.6 million GIPHY views, 12 million total impressions, more than two million total engagements, 16,000 link clicks, and 584 total hashtag use and 1.4 million estimated hashtag reach.


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